Founded in 2019 in New York by Greek Designer Zinovia Amparioti, Amphora Collection is based on the idea of bringing together two art forms: sculpture and fashion to create contemporary wearable objects. Inspired by Ancient Greek structures and carefully constructed, using special techniques, each handbag embodies a unique piece of art that triggers a cultural and artistic admiration upon encounter. As Zinovia returned  to Greece, the source of inspiration of the brand, the production of Amphora Collection moved along and officially re-launched in Athens in June 2022.


Michelangelo has notably declared in regards to his famous sculpture “David” - “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free”, offering insight into the creative process artists follow while working with raw materials. This very creative process is used for the creation of all Amphora Collection pieces, which are the epitome of the intersection between sculpture and fashion. Upon carefully choosing our raw materials, we transform them into wearable contemporary objects which trigger artistic admiration and become modern heirlooms.


Amphora Collection handbags form a discrete code between women who share the same values and sense of style. By being discreet, Αmphora Collection handbags do not shout luxury; on the contrary,  they silently “communicate with their eyes”. By playing with bold colors and unconventional shapes, Amphora Collection modernizes classical styles and introduces the concept of “ Fun Luxury”. 


Ancient Greek pottery not only provides some of the most distinctive objects from antiquity, but also some of the most authentic representations of the everyday life, beliefs and practices of the ancient Greeks.

The most common forms and use cases of pottery objects were amphorae for storing wine, large kraters for mixing wine with water, jugs (oinochoai) for pouring wine, lekythoi jars for holding oils and perfumes and kylikes for drinking. This last form of pottery has been the inspiration behind our iconic Kylix bag. 

What makes them special, is the fact that they give us a unique insight into the ordinary people of the ancient world, those who could not afford fine art or precious jewelry,  but had the internal need to indulge in possessing a finely made object such as a Greek vase.


Beyond Craftsmanship

The production of each Amphora Collection handbag is more art than craft. We create sculptures working together with our highly skilled craftswomen, who during this process transform into artists.


We create with a clean soul and mind, and free from impurities. With our artistic approach, materials are carefully selected and worked into three-dimensional art objects, embracing each material’s own qualities, textures and capability techniques.


We strive in Preserving Greece’s cultural heritage by modernizing its core forms into wearable contemporary objects.


We produce all our pieces in Greece on a smaller scale as we put a strong emphasis on avoiding unnecessary waste. At the same time, we intentionally work with small family companies to support local manufacturers and adopt an environmentally friendly production approach through minimizing our carbon footprint.